before & after: what are you paying for? (pt.2)
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 3:31AM
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flash from the past part 2
Several posts ago, I talked about money, and the special value we bring our customers. (for a quick read you can find them here & here). Today, I want to reiterate some of that same message, but also put more focus on the "artistic styling" applied in our post-production phase of your project.

Every project we undertake is put through similar steps to help us achieve our cinematic look.
When you become one of our respected clients, you can expect to be given not only a specialized product, but professional customer service as well. We listen to you, and then communicate what is needed to make the project come to life. Communication is key is any relationship, regardless of its professional or personal nature. We promise to answer you in a timely fashion, and to give your project 100% of our effort.

all companies are not created equal
Assuming every company puts the same amount of detail and effort into the customer as the next guy, can leave you sorely disappointed and frustrated throughout the process. Running a business is much more than creating a superior product and selling as much as you can. Finding someone you can trust, who will be reliable and consistent, is what can take a good experience, and transform it into an extraordinary experience. I'm saying this, to help you understand the value we put on you as our customer, and the experience you can expect to have from beginning to end.

refinement of the glitz
It's no secret photoshop and other digital products have become the norm in today's photographic workflow. But many have entered this digital revolution with a limited understanding of the historic importance the darkroom as played in creating photographs. The darkroom was not just a place where film was developed, it was a place where pictures came alive and art was created!

In-camera technical prowess is always key to any great image, but so is vision, styling and execution while working with those you're photographing. But after all is said and done, and the last image is captured, the final step to creating the picture begins— and it's called the darkroom experience.

Great photographers honed their skills to refine their work in the darkroom to an art. This often set the professional, the true master of the art, apart from the hobbyist/enthusiast. The same stands true today, in the digital darkroom, of photoshop, corel painter and the myriad of other image-editing products. In today's top companies, true craftsmanship is what you're paying for.

Of course, I still encourage anyone to get a camera, shoot their passion and practice their own "digital darkroom, but for the purpose of this article, I want to get you to ask yourself, why am I paying for professionals photos for, say, $1000 that don't look much different from what you can shoot yourself), instead of paying $3000 where you're getting a personal experience and images that feel and look like art? Learn to see the the difference behind those photographers with vision and darkroom skill, and those who just love to dabble. You often get what you pay for, and educating yourself on the difference, can leave you with not only an amazing product, but a beautiful experience as well.

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