a letter from a mom: senior portrait experience (parts 1&2)
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 1:46PM
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At GetzCreative we put 100% of our heart and passion into our shoots. From concept to execution, we strive to give you something greater than just "another photography experience". Our passion is relational photography, which aims to show the best version of every person.

For us, our photography isn't about showing off our technical savvy, it's about showing every client just how beautiful and amazing they really are. The following letter came from the mother of sarah, the senior we just photographed in the last post. Her words captured all we strive for in every session.

much love,

The Letter
I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our experience with all the folks at Studio 7 and Getzcreative. 
Sarah had a great time.  When I picked her up she was all smiles and said "I feel like Tyra Banks and I love it".  This from a girl who doesn't wear makeup, hair usually in a ponytail or bun depending upon if it is ROTC uniform day at school, t-shirt/blue jeans kind of girl.  You have given her so much confidence.  She is a different person.  Kids at school even notice the change.   Her older sister is very much into fashion, sparkle, glitz of which Sarah is the total opposite.  Sarah would tease she is our version of Jan Brady.  So when we asked Sarah to be a guinea pig with senior pics to see if we liked Getzcreative for bridal photography she did her usual Marcia, Marcia Marcia.  Sarah loves art/photography so she was very much willing to do it after seeing Getzcreative's work. 

Great hair yield great results
The folks at Studio 7 were also fantastic.  I enjoyed my conversation with them.  I think she was terrified and didn't say three words the entire time.  We both loved her hair.  I can't recreate that hairstyle and have tried several times.  We will definitely be going back there for her hair! 

The typical senior portrait experience 
Sarah had her official yearbook senior pictures about a week before the Getz shoot.   We were there 15 minutes before our scheduled appt.  The appointment before us ran long.  We waited over an hour only to be told the photographer had to be at another location in ten minutes.  So you can tell I wasn't too thrilled with investing my money with that kind of service.  He quickly made a few photos.  I know sitting on 2010 number block might appeal to some but it doesn't to me. 

I almost brought the proofs for you to see (revisit your blog about people with digital cameras).  My oldest daughter graduated from a different high school and her senior photo experience was about the same except they were all lined up like cattle, throw on the cape with pearls then back to normal clothes for a series of different backdrops maximum ten minutes total time..then they would yell "next"...like the DMV.. only the wait is shorter.  Please don't think I'm bashing the photographers or their work..but that is typical yearbook photography and I wanted to capture her senior year in another way. 

The GetzCreative senior portrait experience 
I really had no idea what to expect especially since you moved your studio.  I was thinking perhaps you had a field behind the old one studio where you did outdoor shots..thought maybe with the new one you would go to Cleveland Park if you even went anywhere.  My photo ignorance..I thought maybe you did something with a "green screen" and photo shop all that stuff in the background on your blog pictures.  So I was shocked you were going to different locations and would be gone for three hours.  It was a good shock though. 
So thank you for giving my daughter confidence and a boost to her self esteem.  It is hard being a teenager especially when the world thinks a size 2 is perfection. They often times don't see what we see in them.  She is a beautiful girl I just wish she would believe it.  She has the smile that melts hearts.  I'm just a mom though...and one who likes to rambling...thanks again..look forward to seeing the pictures. 


Update on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 12:21PM by Registered CommenterTJ GETZ

Thank you again for the wonderful experience and the beautiful photographs. I had tears just at the first photo. You made me cry!! The song! Oh how did you do that? You were worried about offending us with the background music but it was the perfect song. How freaky is it that you picked the song that is dedicated to her high school at the Greenville County School combined ROTC Military Ball? Each school submits a playlist and that is her school's requested song. She lives and breathes ROTC. I don't know how you did it from just reading the answers to the questionaire you sent but you really understood Sarah. Those pictures are a perfect description of Sarah.

People think that having senior photos are out of their price range but seriously for a little bit more than the school photographer it was WELL worth it. I keep waiting for you to email me and say you did the math wrong because I thought the product was exceptional for the price. You can't even compare the two photo sessions. Two photographers/graphic designers for a three hour photo shoot with different locations add in the editing time in addion to free hairstyle...is far beyond school photography and sitting on a number block 2010. You took a very quiet, shy girl and made her confident without losing Sarah in the photos. You gave us more than just a photograph. You really captured Sarah. The necklace is so Sarah and I loved what you did with that photo! Her eyes alone tell you how much fun she had.

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