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the halasz effect

What happens when you put two great looking people, a 1969 Bonneville convertible, italian vineyards and a pool table together? You get the halasz effect baby! Daniel and Beth were blast-o-licious, moving fast toward stardom and rock star status as we shot frame after frame, celebrating their love (him for the car and her for him; Oops! I meant love for each other—of course!). We even had a helicopter give a fly by twice, just to see their shoot! Beth and Daniel, if you're out there, we salute you for your awesomeness and raise a big thanks!


guitar hero

He plays it, she feels it. The world seems brighter with his music in her ears.... The day feels warmer b/c her love is in his heart...


McCarson Sneak Peek!

(cue soft guitar medley)

Outdoor weddings are my favorite to shoot. Church weddings can become so "same-old, same-old", which really pushes our creativity, especially with some of the restrictions churches can put on us photographers, keeping us from getting the shots we want and know would look the best.

It's with this in mind, that made Tim and Carrie's wedding so refreshing. With an afternoon wedding scheduled lakeside in the beautiful village of Asheville, NC, we couldn't have asked for a better atmosphere and lighting to shoot in. It's times like these where creativity is set loose and roams free; allowed to wander and climbing to heights as euphoric as a piece of chocolate in ones mouth after a sip of coffee on a crisp fall day.


it's coming...monday!

We're pumped to be unveiling the McCarson wedding sneak peek. Look for it here, Monday, Oct 13!



Is it me, or does it seem that they used to have buildings with cooler architecture (think castles, cathedrals, and versailles) better landscapes (think sweeping acres of land with old trees sprinkled here and there with NO HOUSES in sight!) and more romanticized "props" (think horses, swords, capes, and graphic banners haling the land from which you came!)

Well, in the spirit of more characteristic props and beautiful places, our latest creative session boasts the use of swords from celtic heritage, and areas of land with rock faces towering high into the sky. Even the 44" mural is given the idea that it stretches on forever, both upward and outward.

this panorama is 44" wide!