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NC Cover/Fashion Shoot



getzcreative commercial site days away from launch!

We're excited to announce that our commercial site is days away from going live! We've been working hard bringing new products and services to our clients and this is the latest step in fulfilling our service goals. With larger previews and shopping cart availability, we feel it sets a new standard for us to show off what we do, and how we sell ourselves. An updated logo is also in the top secret noggin-factory and will launch shortly after the site does. We will keep you posted and send out the new web address as soon as the site goes live. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.



NC Cover/Fashion Shoot



Fashion Shoot with McDorman Photography

I recently had the privlege of shooting with Rob McDorman (www.mcdormanphoto.com) on a Cover/Fashion shoot in North Carolina. Kristi was our model and did a wonderful job putting up with all our demands. We had a great time (as if that's even in question) and scored some great shots. I've posted several images from the shoot, using black & white in some funky "can't quite see what's going on fashion" to increase your intrigue. Come back daily to see finished versions of each image. It's going to be a wild ride!



Stanley: Sneak Peek

I love a couple who seem unaware of how wonderful, and intensely passionate they are for one another. Today when so many seem to check marriage off as one more thing they accomplished in life, these two were the embodiment of love, passion and grace. Artists to the core, they had decorated and planned their wedding in the historic west end, even with art work which they had created themselves. A beautiful "twigs ceremony" polished off their fairy-tale event and I rarely see parents exude as much joy as theirs did. It was truly a delight to be part of their intimate day.