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Bishop Day-After Creative Session (Creative Portrait Photography, Greenville SC)

What is our day-after creative session?
It doesn't matter what your budget is for your wedding, the day-after session will make you feel like you belong on the front of an editorial every time! This session was developed from our passion to create unique stories for each of our clients. The wedding day has become such a controlled production of expectations, we wanted to blow open the creative box, to show what kind of images we could capture if our bride and grooms didn't have the stress of the wedding day in front of them. And by shooting this session AFTER the wedding, we accomplished some pretty amzing things!

The magic of the day-after session (What we have found)
There's something special that takes place in this session that is found lacking during the wedding; the essence of relaxation! Weddings are good and fine, but we find there is so much hurry, mixed with overly high expectations, that more stress is created than excitement, which leads to people not being themselves. And when people aren't themselves, you can't capture "the real them"—the essence behind those gorgeous eyes and that handsome frame.

The cure for the shy, scared and timid
Many of our couples have at least one person that, how should I put this? Is less in love with the camera than the other. This can lead to a sense of dread in the bottom of the stomach of the one who isn't overly excited about pictures. Our day-after session has surprised many in both it's pleasantness and in the ability to bring out the true essence of each individual. Our philosophy isn't just to take creative pictures, it's to connect with each client in way that will provide them a vacation from life, a bubble of enjoyment, and no matter how subtle, the emotional thread that pulls each person towards the other in a relationship.

Is the day-after session really "the day-after?"
The day-after session is named such because it happens after the wedding. We find all of our sessions are created to be creative and so by naming this simply the "creative session" seemed to imply that the rest of our session were not as creative, which is not the case. The day-after session simply means this session comes some time after the wedding day. This could be weeks, months or even years, celebrating an anniversary of love and time traveled between the couple.

All Images Shot At Lindsey Plantation (you can find out more about lindsey plantation here)


Baby on the way! (Creative Portrait Photography, Greenville, SC)


2013 Graduating Seniors: We can help you rock!

If your looking for images that will show off your personality and celebrate your upcoming graduation, we are the studio for you! You even have the option of gaining discounts (and possibly a free shoot) when you join our getzROCKS high school program! Contact us today to schedule your very own customized shoot, or to find out how you can earn points toward a free photo shoot!

Email us at shootme@getzcreative or call at 864-354-2548

looking forward to creating amazing images with you!
-TJ, Michelle & Moe


"Idea" is powerful...

I believe an idea can be more powerful than your wealth, place in society or talents. An idea is the fuel in which you generate passion, massage out your creativity and live the extraordinary life you've always wanted.

There can be no goal without first having an idea.

To me, Getzcreative is more than just taking pretty pictures. My desire is to inspire others, showing them what I see in them and next to them. It's taking what's already been created and putting a light on it, reminding others of the gifts they already have. I hope it inspires others to live an extraordinary life or in the least, makes them smile at the life they have.

much love,



winter bride in snowy mansion (Gassaway Mansion, Creative Wedding Photography Greenville, SC)

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