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sidney's bridal



From the corner of your eye you see movement. Looking to your right, a woman stands half in shadow, her left hand on the rim of her top hat, barely moving. She's so still, you had to look twice, making sure she wasn't just another statue. From the balcony, a wind enters and gently brushes her hair. She smiles and you do a double-take. You could have sworn she had abnormally long canine teeth. Curious, you move toward her, but suddenly find yourself alone, curtains blowing off the balcony and the scent of honeysuckle lingering where she once stood....


In Vogue

Have you ever thought of having a bridal?
Bridals are a great way to showcase a unique vision of you and your dress.

There are many styles and ideas we can incorporate into your personal three hour shoot. Think of us as your creative partner, helping to bring your bridal vision to life! Perhaps you have a flare for vintage or rustic, or maybe you prefer simple and elegant? Whatever your desire, let us take your vision and give it spin in the getzcreative pool of creativity.

Below is a series of contemporary bridal portraits inspired by Vogue and other popular fashion magazines. There's many incarnations this could taken, but for this one, we used Hemingway African Chair, a top hat, a chic italian sofa and a beautifully tiled shower.


holly: a bridal portrait


Kenzie_fresh & funky!