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TAG: A Love Story (Creative Couples Photography, Greenville, SC)

We recently had the pleasure of working with Travis and Adelle, owners of TAG Photography, in a beautiful couples shoot. I could show you many images from their shoot, but I feel seeing the video reel below will tell the tale of their love for each other better than I could describe it

(To have the best experience when watching the video, you need to watch it in fullscreen at 720p! This will allow you to capture all the tiny details, expression and passion found throughout each image)

Thank you Travis and Adelle. You were so much fun to work with. We're so glad we could be a part in creating these special memories for you. You both are beautiful people.

much love,
-TJ & Michelle

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wide open spaces: quick peek (Couples Art Photography, Greenville, SC)

Life is crowded. Do you ever think what you would do without all the visual and mental noise? Sometimes the thing you need most, is the hardest for you to take; time for yourself.

Our couples sessions aren't for JUST the newlywed. Our sessions are designed for you to escape.... Take time out to be with the love of your life, creating memories too often missed, yet so easily gained.

You love them, so why not make some memories today?

Email us today at shootme@getzcreative and start your creative escape.... We can't wait to meet you.

much love,



An Autumn to be in-love: Quick Peek (Engagement photography, Greenville, SC)


The Music of the Human Spirit (Couples Photography, Greenville, SC)

There's music in the human spirit that shows itself in the way we interact with each other and in life. Sometimes this music is called our energy, chi, or spirit, but to me it's essentially the same thing coming from the same place; it's all interconnected.

There's also a mystical connection between the mind, body and spirit that makes up all of us, and when shooting relationships, the "magic" we see is a tactile part of this connection.

While shooting Ryan and Catie, our main goal was to capture this connection in a way they could feel, remembering this moment, honoring their love for each other and the hope in a beautiful relationship ever changing and growing deeper.

much love,


A Summer's Kiss (in-love session Greenville, SC)

In art quantity doesn't overpower mastery. The art masters did not produce 30, 60, or 200 in a series. Many times through their experimentation and love for what they felt inside, one piece rose above as a new stepping stone. Neither did they sit idly by reveling in their latest achievement. Their latest art form was neither the apex nor the destination, but rather part of a larger journey. I want to encourage you to look at photography as a true art form. It's true that not all who love photography use it in this way—and that is perfectly fine. But developing a discerning spirit about when to use a certain artist's talent will help you see the difference between the two.

much love,