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our final day posting "super-spy" images

We hope you've enjoyed John and Traci's "super-spy" day-after session. Today' we're posting the final image and will be moving on. You can scroll down to view each day's post. The final image will be at the very end; a super closer to an awesome shoot! I'd like to send out a special thanks to John & Traci for giving us a part of you and helping us produce some amazing imagery. :)

we can do one for you!
It doesn't matter if you've been married one year or five years, if you can fit into your wedding dress and would like a fun creative session for yourself, give us a call. we'd be happy work with you, creating some extordinary memories together! :)

much love,


John & Traci (day-after_partial)

You've seen their poster, now enjoy some images from their spy-themed day-after session. Come back daily, as we post new images of their session from now through next Wednesday.

wishing you well,


new product: cinematic posters

the past to present
If you're familiar with our work, you know our style gleans inspiration from the cinematic, music and fashion industries. And with our Graphic Design backgrounds we have pushed that look to make you feel like a celebrity in your own right. Combining the ideas of art and photography further, we also brought you a unique product called FUSION.

the future
Taking our work in yet another direction, we are now offering you the look and feel of a cinematic poster; as if you were starring in your very own film! Perhaps, you want to be a super-spy, like Bond, or Jason Bourne. Maybe you want to be Emma or some character from a Jane Austen novel. Whatever it is, let us help you bring it to life. We can incorprate this look in anything from one of our "engagement, day-after or just because" sessions!

The following poster was part of a "spy story" we created for John and Traci's Day-After Creative session. With the debut of this image, we offer another reason why we are truly that "something different" you've been looking. We can't wait to meet you, and be part of your very own creative journey. shootme@getzcreative.com 864-354-2548

-TJ & Michelle


28 shots (to create this image)

If you're lover of the photographic technique, then check out this image and our architectural series found on www.getzcreativecommercial.com. These images are not just one, or two exposures, but rather 7 or more different images have been used to create each one.

In an effort to capture the vast magnificence of the Grand Canyon, we took 28 different exposures, combined them into an HDR image, applied a tone-mapping technique, and then stitched them together in one big panoramic image.

You don't always need 28 images to create an HDR image, many times I use only 7-9 exposures, but every shot is different, and you need to take into account the area you're shooting and what you want to capture, to help you decide how many you'll need for the image you want to create.

Happy shooting, and drop me a line if you've done some HDR work.
I look forward to seeing your vision.



Grand Canyon and Sedona: day-after creative session

This is the beginning of 30 beautiful images we shot in the Sedona and Grand Canyon area earlier this fall.
Come back daily as we unfold a tale of love in epic proportions.

much love,