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holly: a bridal portrait


one man's dream...

You don't know whether to be jealous of him or pity him. I'm going to be the optimist and say, "now that's one lucky guy!" :D


the name is bond....


guns & roses: a "day-after" creative session


the day after: intimate session

Let's face it, there's nothing like the beginning of a relationship—getting married, moving in, and starting your life together. Sweet. Flirtatious. Vibrant! These moments in those first years are special and have their own kind of energy. Energy that is hard pressed to replicate as life moves forward with all of its responsibilities.

Getzcreative is now offering a special session, just for husband and wife, celebrating that budding love and the beginning time of their life together! We are calling it our day after intimate session.

These sessions are in the same vein as our just for him sessions, but for the two of you together. This will be a wonderful shoot to look back on, as you watch the years pass and your love grow.

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