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your creative session awaits!

A few posts ago we told you about CREATIVE SESSION product. This session, which is one of our most loved, is fast becoming one of our most popular offerings! It is best suited for those looking for a creative flare for their images; a work of art. These sessions are influenced by illustrators from around the world, painters, fashion and cinematography.

creative sessions: perfect for anytime of year!
Already had your wedding, or have already booked a wedding photographer—perfect! Now is the best time to get back in that dress, rent that man of yours a tux, and enjoy some fun-filled hours being superstars! Call today and find out how you can get one of these incredible sessions for yourself! You can reach us at 864-354-2548. And yes, we do travel!


SPECIAL: What is our Creative Session? (the stanley session)

It's hard to say which shoot is our favorite, but in the top contenders I'd say it is our CREATIVE SESSION product. The CREATIVE SESSION differs from our other shoots, in that we dress the couple in their wedding garb and act as if we are doing a cover shoot for one of the top magazines. There's less stress present than is on your typical wedding day, and we have the opportunity to inspire using various textures, "artsy locations" and even creative makeup & hairstyling.

This is an example of what you can expect when you order a CREATIVE SESSION with us. Each session takes on a life of it's own and differs, even when using similar ideas and locations.

Even if you've already had your wedding pictures taken, or have booked a photographer for your wedding, we'd love to shoot a CREATIVE SESSION for you. CREATIVE SESSIONS can be done anytime, and anywhere. Come and see for yourself what everyone is raving about!


fields of rye....

I recently rented a Canon 1Ds Mark III 21MP camera. Although I like the quality of shot, and the detail that can be taken, it was frustrating to use in other ways, making it hard to justify the $8,0000 (body only) price tag.

For the shot below I used the RAW format for image quality and had a 16-35 lens attached. It did a great job of capturing the scene, which had many different types of textures present in the image.

If canon would streamline your ability to change the manual focus points faster, i would seriously give it another look, but for now, it's just not the right camera for us.



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