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Creative Family Portraits (Fall 2011 fun-sation!) Greenville, SC


Family Sneak Peek! (How Photographic Planners are Different)

Do you need a photographic planner or just a photographer?
Today's photo making is about as easy as you can get. Go to any store, pay $50 and you can take a well exposed image. BIG DEAL right? The difference separating professional from enthusiast (and I see most people with any type of digital camera as an enthusiast) is the amount of vision one has for the photographic image.

People can buy a camera, but you need to be born with vision.
If I'm playing basketball and I shoot enough baskets, sooner or later I'm bound to get one in, maybe even two, however this doesn't make me star material or worthy of calling myself a professional. The same can be said for the casual user in photography. If you shoot enough pictures, sooner or later you're going to shoot something kinda cool, but does that really mean you should take up the mantel of photographing those important life events rather than choosing a professional who can capture those moments in amazing ways. I'm not discouraging people from taking photos, on the contrary, I encourage anyone interested to buy a camera and shoot to their hearts content; striving to better their photography skills, and pushing themselves to see how far they can go. I'm a fan of bringing the joy of photography to anyone who wants it. However, I'm also encouraging all of us living in the digital age, to see the difference between a true professional and "someone who just likes to take pictures".

Decide what you want and go after it!
When Bethany came to us for her family portrait it posed some unique challenges. She wanted a shoot with her and her husband with all the nieces and nephews. This totaled about 13. As some of you may have experienced when shooting groups, its not the easiest thing to take any size over three people and create a stunningly sexy shot. On top of the sheer number being photographed, she also mentioned most of them were of the ages 12 and under. This is similar to trying to corral a herd a of baby calves while wolves are chasing them on either side; it's going to be an uphill battle. The first step is always to be honest with the client in setting expectations for the shoot. Do they really want your style and are they willing to do what it takes to make it happen? Once those questions are answered, our creative vision kicks in and the roll of the photographic planner is born.

The GetzCreative difference
We at GetzCreative specialize in creative thought. The question isn't whether we CAN do it, it's do you REALLY want it? We strive to go beyond the normal, offering creative solutions that are the cure for the common image. We work outside the box as we work inside your goals for your custom shoot. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. We have a passion for the art of the photo. It's not about capturing your family, it's about capturing your family in an artful way. We want to capture a moment that is sublime, beautiful, cosmic, or just plain fun. We also want to give our photos a cinematic edge, enhanced by fashion and influenced by the music within our souls.

If you're looking for that something different, please contact us today. We'd love to be part of your photographic adventure.

We can't wait to meet you!
Phone: 864-354-2548
Email: shootme@getzcreative.com

much love,


Super-Dad: A Family sneak peek (greenville, SC)


Family Sneak Peek!


Creating Memories.... A Family Shoot, Greenville SC

Life changes quickly. Our kids grow, learn to talk, graduate and move onto lives of their own. Today is a gift and will be gone as quickly as it came. Capturing these moments are almost more cherished farther down the road, than the day they are taken. If you've been wanting to capture today's gift and the people you are sharing it, we'd love to be part of your creative journey into unique and contemporary imagery.

Creativity is our specialty and we can't wait to work with you on your creative family shoot or capture the energy of your kids in one of our little people kids photo shoots.

Call or email us today, to find out how you can start this beautiful & creative process.

much love,
-TJ & Michelle

Family lounging in living room | Getz Creative Location Family Photo Session | Greenville, South CarolinaFamily lounging in living room | Getz Creative Location Family Photo Session | Greenville, South Carolina

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