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NC Cover/Fashion Shoot



why I love weddings

I'm not sure I really LOVE weddings. And before you write me off as some masochist who can't wait for the next "brutal 8 hours" of shooting people looking reminiscent of penguins and turtle doves, let me explain. For me it is the idea of what the wedding represents; of what it promises. The romantic in me is stirred, and thoughts of what is supposed to be (or is it should be) run through my mind. Listening to yet another preacher's sermon, reminds me of what kind of "knight/partner" I'm supposed to be, and spurs me on with renewed vigor to make the next day better. You see, weddings are like that sunrise at the lake or that moment when you walk out and breathe fresh morning air, sipping that incredible cup of leopard forest brew, making you think "it may just be a beautiful day after all".

The beginning looks so beautiful, so hopeful with endless possibilities and adventures! It's what I want every single day. I want to be loved, feeling like it's the first day every day. (Please don't over analyze here and talk about the "growth of love as time passes" greater than that on the wedding day itself. For if you focus on that, then you miss my point entirely.)

My point is, down deep I am a hopeless romantic and love it. Everyday I want to be that hero for my wife. I want to sweep her off her feet and dance with her in my arms all night listening to our favorite tunes over and over again. I want to be filled with the rapture of having someone committed to me and me to them in a way that is so mysterious it's spiritual. That's what I have to strive for, and that's what weddings remind me of. Not of all the cynicism, but of the joy that could be (and can be) if only I live each moment as it is, instead of what I want it to be.

I would find more joy; I would find more peace.



NC Cover/Fashion Shoot



NC Cover/Fashion Shoot


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