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A life of opportunity. A world of Creativity.

I will choose to create magic. I am surrounded by creativity. Nostalgia from the past mixes with opportunities from the present, and explodes with new ideas. I walk down the middle of the road, cars whizzing by as I step on the yellow lines. The brisk air of the morning hits my face, and I awake. The crunch of gravel between my boots, and the rustling of leaves from squirrels close by, fill my senses as I walk…. I continue down this path until I meet a "Y' and veer to the left. It doesn't matter which way I take, for I am one person and can only absorb so much of life each day. The energy builds inside me and I pick up the pace. The yellow lines vanish, the cement transforming into earth as I begin to climb…. Higher and higher and I start to run! With my heart pounding, the world begins to blur and change, the trees on each side turning into painterly smudges of brown clay. I see a break in the trees ahead, and my feet feel lighter as I stay suspended. Still moving forward I see a rock jutting out like a runway and I race still higher toward the sky and the granite edge. With a fierce push, my legs leave the rock gliding over the canyon like an eagle on the wind….. And I soar, my mind bursting with light!

much love,


Family Experience versus family session

At it's foundation, relationships are about connections. A group of people bound by blood, marriage or honor have been touted through history as something of beauty, mystery, and worthy of attainment. And when a photograph is able to capture the depths within these relationships, that is when something of magic is said to be seen.

There will always be a place for documenting one's family through Christmas cards, school pictures, etc, however the Family Experience is a new kind of session; and in some ways needed more than the mere documentation of one's family. A Family Experience is meant to explore these connections, and bring a conceptual beauty to the relationship.

In this post, we share part one of a Family Experience. As we said, Family Experiences are more conceptual than a family session, and shouldn't be confused "as a family session, with an artistic photographer".

Within today's fractured life, it is more important than ever to realize the invisible weavings we each bring to a relationship, and how it's impact is greater than we can see or notice on a daily basis.


much love, -TJ



High-School Mentoring: Diamond Tears

* high-concept/high-fashion project shot at getzcreative studios. makeup by Carissa Christina
*Camera used: NIkon D700 with a 105mm (macro) f/2.8 lens


High-School Mentoring: The Apple Orchard

*Hair styled by Studio 7 Salon *Makeup by Carissa Christina


Albuquerque: telling stories... (how we work)

We love to tell stories in our photos. Stories filled with connection, romance, & playfulness. And if we can involve a sense of mystery, otherworldliness, or the sense of the sublime, we believe we've created an atmosphere perfect for an emotional connection with our audience; you.

Justin & Allison's in-love session is set on an epic backdrop of volcanoes, mountains, and sand-duned cityscapes. Michelle and I look at ourselves as artists "painting with a camera" rather than photographers shooting fine-art. Behind every photo shoot lies a concept, which is key in telling each story.

As we evolve, I hope we move farther away from photography and portraiture, and into the world of painter and illustrators, only using a different medium in which to release our creative vision.

I believe when you look at each of these photos, you can get a sense of something bigger going on, drawing you in and making you ask yourself question. Where are they headed, how far do they have left to go? What metaphor is being written for the story behind the image?

A photo leaving you wondering "what lies beyond the scene", in my mind, is more exciting and intriguing.

I don't want to fear failing, I rather fear the idea of not jumping off the edge to dive into a deeper world of creativity.

much love,

*Mountains, desert, & volcanoes were captured in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a Nikon D700 using a 24-70mm f/2.8

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