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2013 Graduating Seniors: We can help you rock!

If your looking for images that will show off your personality and celebrate your upcoming graduation, we are the studio for you! You even have the option of gaining discounts (and possibly a free shoot) when you join our getzROCKS high school program! Contact us today to schedule your very own customized shoot, or to find out how you can earn points toward a free photo shoot!

Email us at shootme@getzcreative or call at 864-354-2548

looking forward to creating amazing images with you!
-TJ, Michelle & Moe


Baby Liam (Creative Portrait Photography, Greenville SC)

One of the beautiful things we get to experience is watching families come together and grow. Ward and April came to us when they were first starting out in their journey, preparing for their wedding. We gave them an amazing in-love session, and they gave us a beautifully unique wedding to shoot during Halloween. Now, we get to celebrate with them the birth of their baby boy Liam!

Thank you guys. We love you guys and are honored to be part of your lives!
-TJ, Michelle & Moe


trains, guitars and cool (high school senior portraits, Greenville SC)

Here is part one of a two part post, showcasing a fun shoot we had with Luke. We didn't realize we'd have the opportunity shoot a train passing when we brainstormed for the shoot, but it worked out perfectly!


Shots of a Child (Creative Commercial Photography, Greenville, SC)

Following on the success of last year's collaboration with Eric Brown Design, we continue to explore the idea of interaction within a space. Each of this year's images will show a child (or set of children) moving inside these spaces.



The Spanish Butterfly (Children's Photography Greenville, SC)

One of the most beautiful aspects of the butterfly is where it came from. It lives as a transformed creature; it is given a new life that is bursting with possibilities unimagined in its past life. Butterflies speak of growth and beauty, while giving off a sense of lazy wanderlust; searching for that next beautiful glen in which to fly.

When we photographed this beautiful "spanish butterfly", it was awesome to see how much she had grown from our last photo session we had with her and her siblings. Children, like butterflies, speak of a second chance and give us the opportunity to encourage a better future than we might have had.

I know for me, my own children have kept my heart from growing up too fast and becoming too jaded with "adult responsibility". I thank God for this constant reminder that hope exists and beauty shines forth in many forms.

If you'd like us to photograph your own little guy or gal in one of our custom "little people" sessions, we'd love to help you
take the next step in this creative journey.

We can't wait to meet you!
Feel free to drop us a line or email us with any questions you may have.
Studio: 864-354-2548
Email: shootme@getzcreative.com

much love,