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Quality of Light: Family Experiences (Family + Kids Photography, SC)

Vison & Quality of Light
Fall is always a fun time of year to capture life. Color defines it, but vision captures it.
Creating beautiful imagery is more than snapping the shutter, you need to be able to "see the light" with a vision.

Vision doesn't just shoot what's there, it allows the artist to capture the quality of light that will give each image it's "mood". If this is the kind of photography session you desire, then you've come to the right place! Our creative team works hard to make sure your session is captured in an atmospheric way during any season.

With winter upon us, some would think good family shots must be indoors, but given the right vision, ideas and mindset, any season can be caught in wonder!

It's you at your best
Family photos don't neeed to be standard, sub-par, less creative and boring.
If you're looking for that "something different" and want this year's families photo to have a spirit, mood and fashion that truly showcases how beautiful you are, then let our creative team work with you as we build a beautiful family experience custom fit for you.

Another year is coming to and end, only to open a path into the future.
The present is precious. It's all we're given in each moment. Take time to remember this moment. Your kids are like no one else's kids; they're special, and the feeling you have for them is unique to you as a parent. Let us showcase your love, appreciation and the wonder you have for life in one of our family experiential sessions.

We don't just capture another version of you, we capture you at your best.

Call or email today! We're happy to answer any questions, and would love to work with you in your own creative journey.

Phone: 864-354-2548
Email: shootme@getzcreative.com

looking forward,


Moving Forward into 2012 (Kids & Family Photography Greenville, SC)

The BIG MOVE: 2012
Each year we learn something new, set new goals, and become inspired toward the future. As we move out of 2011 and into 2012, we hope to bring you even more creativity in the form of products, sessions, and services. From Children's sessions to weddings, we strive to make each shoot special, giving each client that "something different" they've been looking for.

We thank God for a wonderful year meeting new people and making new friends. We pushed ourselves further than any year yet, creating work that took us to new limits in what we do. Many of you reading this were a part in making the magic happen, and we want to thank you for being here.

We look forward to providing new classes, experimenting with new techniques and learning to live each day in a thankful and forgiving spirit.

Much love to all of you.
Looking forward...

-TJ & Michelle


The Spirit of a Child (Children's Photography Greenville, SC)

We can't wait to meet you!
There is no one quite like your child. Your child is unique and wonderful! Let us capture the many moods they show off in one of our GetzCreative Little People sessions! We'll work with you in creating a wonderful memory, showcasing where they are now, and helping it last a lifetime.

Thank you for being here,
We can't wait to work with you!



Eric Brown Design Christmas (Commercial Photography, Greenville SC)

Our latest ad to touch news stands, is Eric Brown's Christmas ad in Greenville's TOWN magazine.
This ad, finishes up the 2011 campaign series, and moves us into a new campaign for 2012! We can't wait to show you what's in store!

This ad series has been a wonderful collaboration between two creative companies, and I can't wait to see what else our creative synergy can produce. Eric is a wonderful interior designer, traveling nationwide brining his vision to life. You can see more of the story behind the ad at Eric's blog.

looking forward,


The World of Little Feet: Quick Peek (Children Photography, Greenville, SC)

We Can't Wait to Photograph Your Special Little Guy & Gal!
Welcome, we're glad you found us!
Do you have a favorite little person in your life whose energy you want to capture in a timeless fashion? Well, look no further! We're that "something different" you've been looking for. We would love to be part of this special time in your life, capturing the many moods of your beautiful child!

Contact us today and start your creative journey toward some amazing memories with you and your child!

Studio: 864-354-2548
Email: shootme@getzcreative.com