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Sleepy Cowboy: "Watch Me Grow" (Baby Photography, Greenville SC)

What is a Watch Me Grow Session?
Michelle and I created a special session to help Mommies & Daddies capture their newborns during their infancy in a creative and fun way. Your child changes all the time, but it's especially noticeable in the first year. From sleeping, to crawling, then walking, we'll capture it all, giving you memories that will warm your heart forever.

This session is specially priced to include threes one-hour sessions for about the price of one session. Shorter in nature, but filled with creative wonder, this is the perfect way to watch your child grow!

These sessions make perfect gifts as well!
These make perfect gifts for new mom's and dad's everywhere! Call or email us today if you'd like us to start a creative journey just for you!

*email: shootme@getzcretive.com
studio: 864-354-2548

much love,
-TJ & Michelle


Baby Carrots! (Family Photography Greenville, SC)

Fall Family Special Only $295 With Custom Christmas Cards
Fall is right around the corner and it's the perfect time to think about family photos, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving and all the festivites this time of year brings. We are currenlty running a family special for only $295 that comes with custom made cards you can send out for Christmas!

Let us be part of making special memories with the ones you love!
We can't wait to meet you!

-TJ & Michelle


Lauren: A High School Senior Portrait, Greenville SC


Creating Memories.... A Family Shoot, Greenville SC

Life changes quickly. Our kids grow, learn to talk, graduate and move onto lives of their own. Today is a gift and will be gone as quickly as it came. Capturing these moments are almost more cherished farther down the road, than the day they are taken. If you've been wanting to capture today's gift and the people you are sharing it, we'd love to be part of your creative journey into unique and contemporary imagery.

Creativity is our specialty and we can't wait to work with you on your creative family shoot or capture the energy of your kids in one of our little people kids photo shoots.

Call or email us today, to find out how you can start this beautiful & creative process.

much love,
-TJ & Michelle

Family lounging in living room | Getz Creative Location Family Photo Session | Greenville, South CarolinaFamily lounging in living room | Getz Creative Location Family Photo Session | Greenville, South Carolina


Baby Riley