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Family Experience versus family session

At it's foundation, relationships are about connections. A group of people bound by blood, marriage or honor have been touted through history as something of beauty, mystery, and worthy of attainment. And when a photograph is able to capture the depths within these relationships, that is when something of magic is said to be seen.

There will always be a place for documenting one's family through Christmas cards, school pictures, etc, however the Family Experience is a new kind of session; and in some ways needed more than the mere documentation of one's family. A Family Experience is meant to explore these connections, and bring a conceptual beauty to the relationship.

In this post, we share part one of a Family Experience. As we said, Family Experiences are more conceptual than a family session, and shouldn't be confused "as a family session, with an artistic photographer".

Within today's fractured life, it is more important than ever to realize the invisible weavings we each bring to a relationship, and how it's impact is greater than we can see or notice on a daily basis.


much love, -TJ



High-School Mentoring: Diamond Tears

* high-concept/high-fashion project shot at getzcreative studios. makeup by Carissa Christina
*Camera used: NIkon D700 with a 105mm (macro) f/2.8 lens


The Apple Orchard


The Gift

We were excited to work with three siblings who came to us wanting to give a special gift to their parents. There's not a better to say "I love you", than by giving something that is part of yourself. Even if you don't like to have your picture taken, you know mom and dad can never get enough, and it is always a surefire hit! Our goal was to give some updated pictures of each person, and then show the interaction, and (dare I say it) love they shared for each other.

Something special that i personally took away from the shoot, was how three people growing up and going their own ways to live separate lives, can reconnect, bringing to mind younger days. It's like revisiting an old friend or good memories. Life is so fast, and sometimes it takes moments like these to remember what really maters in life.

thank you guys. We appreciate being part of this awesome gift,
—The GetzCreative Team


baby easton: summer fun!

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