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gottschall sneek peak

He sang to her, he kissed her, he loves her. We had the pleasure of shooting their pre-wedding session, and now Brandon and Erin are back for the main event; their wedding ceremony! The bride was gorgeous, the groom looked rather dashing, and even the bridesmaids were luxuriously dressed. Their reception was held in the beautiful Spartanburg Country Club and everything from their cake to the jazz band, created a perfect mood to their beautiful day. We look forward to their creative session (post-wedding session) where we get to take things up a notch for that truly high-end fashion experience!



the merry bagpipers

I tell you, just give me coldplay and a good set of bagpipes and I'll be set for life! Okay, throw in a cheeseburger every now and then and THEN I'd be set for life. See this is what happens when you post your blog late into the night. You just start spouting drivel like it's the finest fiction this side of the of my shed in the back yard. Anyway, we're headed out folks! That's right, it's vacation time. Don't worry, I'll be posting frequently so don't go anywhere; you'll get your daily getzcreative fix.




Stanley: Sneak Peek

I love a couple who seem unaware of how wonderful, and intensely passionate they are for one another. Today when so many seem to check marriage off as one more thing they accomplished in life, these two were the embodiment of love, passion and grace. Artists to the core, they had decorated and planned their wedding in the historic west end, even with art work which they had created themselves. A beautiful "twigs ceremony" polished off their fairy-tale event and I rarely see parents exude as much joy as theirs did. It was truly a delight to be part of their intimate day.



Todd Sneak Peek

From a photography standpoint, the cliffs "resort" is always a beautiful place to shoot at, especially when you have access to the club house, as we did, for the reception! Tebby and Darla's wedding day was a gift from God. When we first climbed into the stratosphere to the chapel, miles above sea level, we were met with an irish fog reminiscent of the moors present during the time of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. However by "ceremony-time" the fog had lifted; the moors receding and becoming a lush landscape of mountain and valley; a declaration of the joyful union about to commence. You could literally feel the joyfulness inside the chapel for these two wonderful people about to get married.



Ferguson Sneak Peek

We love shooting people in love. Showing that connection and intimacy is so pure and real, it makes its fairly hard to fake. Drew and Donna shined with a light all their own and I swear each time we shot them Donna became more beautiful with every shot. (sorry drew, you're handsome and all but donna takes the cake) By their wedding day, I was stunned when I walked into the room she was getting ready in! I knew then, drew was going to go crazy when he saw her later that day. Throughout the day I was struck over and over with the genuine happiness their friends had for the newly married couple. Here's a peek of some of events throughout the day.


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