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Balance is not stillness (Cinematic Wedding Photography, SC)

I used to think that balance was stillness. I assumed if I could achieve balance, I'd be at peace, the eyes of my heart watching my circumstances, with me just outside the scene; a mere spectator in total stillness.

But I was wrong...

Balance is movement. The very fact that life is always moving, means if we stop at any point we are eventually moved along with life whether we like it or not. To respond to life as if we can stop it, by not moving with it or giving up, is absurd. What in life do we have control over?! There's only one thing. And that's how we respond to it. The art of balance is subtle movements back and forth, helping us stay centered. Too much one way or another is imbalance, and certainly staying on either side can be unhealthy. I confused the state of inner stillness with balance, because I was thinking of them as synonymous, when it fact they are complimentary.

In my movement, I can also be in stillness. And as I practice balance, I can also practice quieting my soul; remembering to be here now. I find that some of the most obvious things in life, are the hardest to be consistent at doing; and yet perseverance can yield amazing fruit that not only helps me, but mankind itself.

Will I ever achieve balance? I don't know, I'm too early in my journey to say. But I can guarantee this, if I choose to sit still, I will not be any closer to balance tomorrow, than I am today; in fact i may be farther away. The act of "doing" is powerful, not just for the sake of balance, but also for the sake of inner stillness. There seems to be a paradox at first glance with what I'm saying, but I find within paradox lies the truth. It's not that it's hard to find, we just keep ourselves too busy and full of noise, so that it's not easily accessible or seen. But if we seek it, we can find it.

Wishing you well on your journey, from one explorer to another.
learning to live better,



The Last Post of 2011 (Creative Wedding Photography, Greenville SC)

Remembering 2011
I want to thank all of you who supported us this year, helping to create memories to last a lifetime.We enjoyed meeting each one of you, and hope we meet again in the future.

From Creative weddings to unique family shoots, this year was filled with fresh ideas of the familiar. We look forward to the new year, and can't wait to meet you in 2012, creating new memories filled with more fun ideas!

Looking to the future
In 2012 we plan to deepen our exploration of relationships, while finding new ways to weave the story of budding love, refined passion, and deep laughter.

Come join us in this adventure!
We promise to be unique, fun and worthy of the journey.

We're excited for the opportunities coming in the new year, and want you to be part it.
Feel free to reach us Monday through Friday 9:30-4:30 by phone or email to start your adventure!
Studio: 864-354-2548
email: shootme@getzcreative.com

Wishing you well and a happy new year!

much love,


Christmas Wedding Posts! (Creative Wedding Photography, SC)

It's Christmas time! We love this time of year, and can't wait to show you some new posts over the holidays that will warm your hearts and send an audible cheer into the future! 2012 is right around the corner and with it comes new inspiration, new experiences and new love. Join us as we celebrate this special time of year, showcasing some beautiful imagery of life, love and laughter!

looking forward,


Girls: Planning Your Wedding (Lighting is Everything) Calgary wedding, Canada

Wedding Planning Tip: "Think about the lighting if you want good night images"
We had the honor of second shooting a wedding in Calgary during our Alberta Expedition.
I was amazed at the beauty the bride and groom put into their reception area; so much in fact, I wanted you to witness the important role light plays in photography.

If you have a night wedding/reception, you NEED light!
Night weddings are popular. It's a cooler time of day, the sun is setting, giving off that magic hour light we love to photograph, and there's also something romantic about having a wedding party at night. As awesome as a night wedding may seem, you still need to plan on having light for your photographer and videographer. Today's camera's may help good photographers create their images, but without light, the magic isn't going to happen.

Ask the Professionals; they'd love to help!
With everything else you're deciding on to make your day special, forgetting the lighting can make the difference between good pictures and amazing pictures. Talk to you videographer, photographer and reception venue, and find out your options and what your team recommends.

You have professionals at your disposal, so make sure you use them to ensure the best possible solution that will fit your budget. We're here to help, and we can't wait to meet you!

much love,


Brides! Make sure you're day is about you! (Worldwide, Milky way Galaxy)

In all our years shooting weddings, one thing that stands out to us is how sometimes friends and family don't support the bride and groom on their special day. I'm not saying that they're rude per se, just not overly helpful and at times just seem non-committal to the whole process.

I want to encourage brides to choose people in your bridal party that won't just be another person taking up space, but rather someone who will make your day about you; who will offer to get you coffee while you're getting ready, and think of what your needs and wants may be that day. Your wedding day is something you've prepared a long time for, shouldn't the people you choose as bridesmaids and groomsman be all about serving you on your day? It's just one day, so let's make it the best day of your life!

much love,