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Tim & Lauren: Wedding Sneak Peek (Galloway, NJ)


Alex & Chelsey_Wedding Highlights (Table Rock, SC)

Honestly I don't completely understand my creativity. I do know it's there and that I can access it pretty much anytime I want, but I can't explain all the why's and how's and inner workings of it.

I've also come to realize my gifts lie more in the imaginative than the pragmatic, but that isn't to say I'm one sided. We all have our gifts, and each set comes with their strengths and weaknesses. I personally believe these gifts are to teach us that we can't do everything on our own, and that sooner or later we need the help of another personality (or many personalities) to achieve a goal or dream. (and many times that help comes from others different from us)

Why am I saying all this? Well, I also find my creativity has "boosters" so to speak that enhance my imaginative thought. Alex and Chelsey were one of those boosters for me. They share an aura of creativity that you can sense while working with them, and this in turn enhances what I'm doing, creating a better product.

Michelle and I captured their wedding at Table Rock Lodge in Table Rock Park. We found the whole experience to be fun and relaxing, which is not something we can say for weddings in general. In fact, I'm not sure if anyone can ever EXPECT a wedding to be relaxing, so when this happens, it's like extra sugar in your drink. Their bridal party was supportive and fun, adding to the chill environment that both the bride and groom were creating. The music was wonderful and the lighting was pleasant to work with.

We have some of the best clients in the wedding business, and Alex and Chelsey's wedding day was a great reminder of what a wedding can be; chill, beautiful, creative and yes, even fun!

much love,


Hawaii Wedding Highlights & after-wedding sessioin (Oahu, HI)


Josh & Laura Wedding Highlights (Cliffs at Glassy, SC)


Coming Next Week: Wedding Highlights! (Spartanburg, SC)

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